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What Does BAC Mean To You?



Health Benefits

“My body and mind have benefited greatly from the time I dedicate to my health at BAC. Five years ago I depended on medication to regulate my high blood pressure. Through activity changes and weight loss I have been able to keep my blood pressure in the healthy range, without medication, for over two years. I am grateful to BAC for the welcoming staff and knowledgeable trainers who create an inviting environment and help me achieve my health and fitness goals.” -Hillary



“Meeting new people is one of the more difficult facets of moving, but BAC provided an avenue for us to build relationships with others with similar interests both in and out of the club. We are happy to have a home away from home where we can play tennis both for fun and competitively, get a nice work out, work out the kinks with a massage, and enjoy the company of a new set of Washington friends!” -Pete



“After my wife passed away, BAC became my home away from home and in many ways still is a center of my social, recreational and fitness life. In the first year after her death my visits to BAC were one of the important elements in working through a healthy process of grief and recovery. To me BAC is a great community of tennis players, but more importantly a group of mutually supporting tennis players whatever age or skill level. I hope to continue being active at BAC as long as health and life allow.” -Ned


A Little Bit of Everything

“Bainbridge Athletic Club has EVERYTHING I need. All the quipment. All the spa services. All the amenities (like steam rooms and saunas!) All the quiet time to catch up on messages post-workout. All the encouragement and friendly faces. BAC is a respite from my busy week. A place where I can focus on myself and my well-being in ALL ways. I can even grab a glass of wine!” – Meredyth