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Nutrition Staff

Cait James

MS, Prevention and Treatment of Obesity, Certified Personal Trainer

Cait has been helping people to achieve nutrition and fitness goals for over 15 years, through the creation of personalized, realistic and long term healthy lifestyle changes.  Her Master of Science degree focused on the prevention and treatment of obesity.  In addition to her experience as a personal trainer and nutrition counselor in health clubs, she taught classes, counseled individuals and created programs to address child and adult weight management for over 10 years at Kaiser Permanente.

With specialties in pre- and postnatal nutrition, sports nutrition, and weight management for a busy lifestyle, Cait brings a wide breadth of experience.  She strongly believes that nutrition and fitness are both necessary components in the creation of overall health and wellbeing.  Though she has kept the weight off for over 20 years, at one point Cait carried an extra 35 pounds on her frame.  She understands the lifestyle commitment necessary to take the weight off and keep it off long term.

Cait offers personal training as well as private nutrition consultations tailored to meet food preferences, allergies and medical necessity.

If you pick up a Diabetes for Dummies cookbook, you will see Cait’s name on the cover.  She tweaked and analyzed the nutrition content for recipes from renowned restaurants for two editions of the book, and found it a great excuse to try many new recipes!

A lifetime athlete, Cait now focuses on running, hiking, Yoga and Pilates.  When not working, she gets outside for long walks with her three young children.  She has enjoyed a largely gluten free diet for 15 years and delights in creating new meals to incorporate this lifestyle.

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