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Maggie Miller

PT, CSCS – Master

Move Forward To A Healthier You!

Maggie specializes in exercise and therapeutic movement and her treatment approach starts with the premise that movement is healthy. She believes a key to treating injury is to identify movement patterns that contribute to pain and injury and then restore healthy movement. After a thorough assessment, carefully selected exercises are prescribed to promote muscle balance, good posture and body awareness. Maggie’s clients learn to move in ways that facilitate well integrated movement. Conversely clients learn to recognize habitual patterns that limit their athletic performance or lead to recurring injuries. Movement therapy is done in conjunction with other treatments including manual therapy and physical therapy modalities.

Maggie Miller, PT, CSCS has over 20 years’ experience as a physical therapist with a focus in treatment and prevention of orthopedic and sports injuries. In addition, she has 6 years experienced as a sports conditioning and fitness specialist. She earned her BS in physical therapy from Northwestern University and holds certifications in ergonomic assessment and strength and conditioning of athletes. She is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association, Sports physical therapy section, and the National Strength and Conditioning Association. She has lectured at WA Strength and Conditioning Association annual meetings in the areas of ACL injury prevention and core stabilization. Her passion is helping clients “move forward” beyond physical limitations to an active, healthy lifestyle.

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