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Massage Therapy


Relieve stress and feel better by treating yourself to a relaxing spa session at the Club. Spend time with one of our certified massage therapists and rejuvenate yourself. 

Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy is a well known antidote for stress-related tension. Reducing tension gives you more energy, improves your outlook on life and in the process, will reduce your likelihood of illness and injury.

Massage acts directly on your muscles with stretching and kneading motions. It stimulates the nervous system and instructs the muscles to relax. Massage is great after a workout! By flushing muscles of built-up waste products, massage decreases soreness after vigorous exercise.

Massage therapy can treat injuries such as ligament sprains, muscle strains, and tendinitis. It reduces inflammation by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems to bring nutrition to the injured area and remove waste products. Massage realigns collagen fibers in the formation of scar tissue, making the tissue more pliable and allowing for an increased range of motion.

Massage therapy can also aid digestion, insomnia, and help enhance body awareness. As you can see, massage therapy improves your health in many ways.


The Appointment

A one hour appointment is our most common appointment length, however, our therapists also offer thirty and ninety minute appointments. One hour is enough time for a full body massage and a more in-depth treatment of a particular area (such as the neck, back or shoulders).

We employ licensed massage practitioners. Massages are available Sunday through Saturday. Check with Front Desk staff for specific times available for appointments, or if you are a member, click here to login to your account to book online.

Types of Massage

Swedish Massage – A combination of seven categories of strokes designed to increase circulation and ease muscle tension.

Deep Tissue Massage – Techniques that are specifically directed toward the deeper tissue structure of the muscle.

Sports Massage – A massage designed to aid the healing process after an event or injury to the muscles.

Injury Treatment – Several techniques designed to decrease inflammation and pain of recent or chronic injury.

Russian Massage – A form of segmental-reflexive massage, this treatment stimulates deep tissue effects without deep pressure.

Pregnancy Massage – Techniques that are specific to the pregnant mother.


What to Expect

Here are a few guidelines to help you feel at ease, and to gain the greatest benefit from your massage session:

  • Undress to your comfort level. The practitioner is sensitive to your need for privacy and will keep you covered with a sheet, undraping only the area being massaged.
  • Close your eyes and allow yourself to relax as completely as possible.
  • Falling asleep during a massage session is not uncommon. The practitioner will gently wake you when it is time to change positions.


Massage Rates

massage rates





*No refunds on service packages.


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