Club Hours:     Mon-Thur 5am - 10pm Friday 5am - 9pm Sat-Sun 6am - 8:30pm

Youth Access


All of us here at BAC want you and your family to experience activities and exercise that will create life long memories and healthy habits. While the possibility for injury in any activity is always present, we are passionate about minimizing the risks as much as possible, whenever possible. It is especially important that our youth members and guests adhere to our policy of safety and facility use. Here is an outline of our youth policy:


General Club Access

  • While inside the main building youth 10-13 years old who have not undergone a Junior Fitness Certification must be within direct sight and easy reach of a responsible adult member (18 years or older) at all times.
  • Student guests: Non-members under the age of 16 must have a liability waiver filled out by a parent or guardian before entering the Club. Youth guests are bound by Club polices regarding area usage and adult supervision. All guests under the age of 16 must attend a youth orientation before accessing the fitness floor.


Fitness Floor Access


All youth ages 10-15 must attend a Junior Fitness Certification (ages 10-13) or a Youth Orientation (ages 14-15) before using the strength equipment.

  • Youth must be at least 10 years of age to be on the fitness floor (whether working out or just “watching”) and directly supervised (in direct eye sight) by a responsible adult (18 years or older) until the age of 14, unless they have passed the Junior Fitness Certification.  A youth under 14 years of age will be removed from the Fitness floor if an adult is not actively monitoring them.
  • Prior to taking a Junior Fitness Certification or Youth Orientation: Youths 10-15 years old may only use the cardio equipment (except the treadmills). Youth 10-13 years old must be in direct line of site supervision from a responsible adult member 18 years or older.
  • For safety concerns, all youth are limited to the equipment and the weight they have been approved to use on their training cards given to them by a personal trainer.
  • Youth must be 15 years of age to use the treadmills without prior approval from a BAC Trainer; all other cardio equipment is available.
  • Youth must be 16 years of age to be in the free-weight area, unless they are working with a personal trainer, in a specified class, or have prior approval from a BAC Trainer.


Gymnasium Access

  • All members and guests must check in prior to entering the gymnasium.
  • Youth members 10-13 may use the gym with direct adult member supervision prior to passing the Junior Fitness Certification.
  • Youth members 12-13 may use the gym, with an adult member in the club, after passing the Junior Fitness Certification.
  • All youth members and guests 14 and over may use the gym without adult supervision.


Youth Regulations

  • All youths must check in at the Front Desk and wear the appropriate wristband at all times while at the Club.
  • No running or loud behavior.
  • Limit cardio to 20 minutes when others are waiting for equipment.
  • Wipe down equipment after use.
  • Do not sit on equipment or benches if others are waiting.
  • Do not drop weights.
  • No food on the fitness floor or in the gymnasium.
  • No horseplay or improper use of equipment that could damage or cause injury to oneself or others.
  • Adding or “trying out” equipment that is not on the workout card is not allowed until you have been properly instructed and approved by a BAC trainer.
  • Proper attire and closed toed shoes are required.
  • A piece of collateral is required to receive a locker key.
  • All personal property must be stored in a locker or brought out to the gymnasium (if using that space).
  • No sharing wristbands, or sneaking in non-members to any area of the Club.
  • Must be 16+ years of age to use the steam room and sauna.


  • Youths not adhering to the guidelines and rules will get one warning. A second offense will result in a month suspension from the Club.
  • If any member is caught sneaking a non-member into any area of the club they will be sent home and suspended from the club for one month. The non-member will be banned from entry to the club for one month as well. A second offense will result in a month suspension for the member and a three month ban for the non-member. A third offense will result in termination of membership.